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The only secure platform enabling insurance brokers to better collaborate with clients.

Insurance is inherently all about thinking ahead. Are you?

why swivyl?

Insurance Brokers are always asking “What risks are my clients taking and how can I put them in the best position possible to be prepared for the future?” But when was the last time you applied the same logic to your own company? Is your brokerage in the best position possible to be prepared for its future as an industry leader?

Miscommunication, mismatched internal spreadsheets, mismanaged assets, and stressful renewal periods are now a thing of the past.

That is why we developed Swivyl.
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Features and Benefits For Every User

Our real-time platform lets you manage your clients efficiently providing benefits for both you and your client.

your brokerage

Time Management

Spend more time with clients and less time with paperwork

Live Profiles

Stay up-to-date as client changes occur

Built-In Workflows

Provide timely information to ensure a smoother renewal process

Value Differentiator

Enhance your client’s experience and set yourself apart from your competitors

your client

Shared Data

Be confident that you and your client are always on the same page

Stress-free Renewals

Provide clients access to accurate, up-to-date information

Automated Reminders

Help clients stay on top of their duties throughout the year

Time = Money

Save your clients money with efficient renewal processes

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